“It’s a wonderful piece and I plan to find just the right place for it.”
George Lucas
“It’s great work. Thank you!.”
Stan Lee
“Your artwork is something I will cherish forever.”
Joe Johnston
“Your poster is gorgeous, I love it, thank you”
James Mangold
“Your kind words and awesome artistic skill are equally appreciated.”
JJ Abrams

Mark Raats:

“I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa and I’m a retired 2D/3D animator who has worked as a gun-for-hire illustrator for Lucasfilm and Disney over a period of 30 years. Being asked to create official poster art for the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises has been a privilege of the highest order.

My commercial work also includes two privately commissioned pieces for MARVEL legend, Stan Lee and I worked as a concept artist on Gareth Edwards, The Creator.

I currently work from my studio in Perth Australia”

Interview with Luke Boyton – Sons of Obi-Wan

“For movie art to be more than just a Xerox copy of an image we have all seen a thousand times before,
it’s imperative that it speaks with its own voice”

Raiders of the Lost Ark – poster art


“The legacy of poster art demands that the art is traditionally painted

My poster art is all executed using paint and pencils on board and the original pieces are around 24 x 36 inches in size”

Star Wars – A New Hope – poster art


Creating the Ralph McQuarrie Poster Art

Ralph McQuarrie- poster art

Personal Art:

“I believe that as artists we are compelled to evolve

Because commercial work generally doesn’t allow us the opportunity to experiment, we can only do this if we expand our understanding and execution of our art by doing personal art projects.”

“The Woman in Black” – Acrylic gouache paint and
polychrome pencils on board with gold leaf


40 x 61 inches